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About Us

The Department of Geology is multidisciplinary department committed to the development of academic excellence in teaching and research. We offer a 4-year BSc Degree in Geological Engineering.  The department is highly motivated and excited to share both their knowledge and their passion in the field of geological engineering. As an integral part of the undergraduates’ education, the Department carries out fieldwork to ensure that our undergraduate programme is at par with the current requirements in this practical field. The department is endowed with sophisticated equipment to aid in o teaching and consultancy work. Through our high standard or teaching and learning in both undergraduate and postgraduate research, we believe we will bring the best out of you.

Aims & Objectives

The Geological Engineering programme aims at providing expertise in the exploration and exploitation of natural resources and finding effective solutions to geo-environmental problems associated with the exploitation and utilization of natural resources as in mining, construction, water, petroleum and related industries.

The immediate objectives of the programme are to:

  1. Train competent geological engineers at all levels
  2. Offer consultancy services in the mining, construction, water, petroleum and related industries and
  3. Conduct research in the geo-environmental sciences and other related areas.

The successful graduates of the geological engineering programme shall be equipped to practise as geological engineers or geologists.  They shall be in a position to:

  • Appreciate and understand the role of geosciences in solving pertinent environmental problems, and
  • Advise appropriate professionals/organisations (civil engineers, architects, land use planners, etc) on the application of the geosciences in their professional practice.